CCTV is a cost-effective way to protect your premises against vandals and thieves. But you can’t just buy a camera and install it. If any evidence you collect is to be admissible in court, your installation must comply with the Data Protection Act and be registered with the Information Commissioner.

Our experts can make all this simple. They’ll help you select the CCTV system that’s best-suited to your needs, install it and ensure you understand how to use it in accordance with all the relevant legislation.  We can also help you upgrade or extend existing installations.

Service, repair and maintenance contracts are available on request.

The Multicam surveillance system that we can install uses built-in motion detect technology and can be set to record only moving objects.  The Multicam system then stores these with a date and time stamp.  These CCTV images are compressed onto the PC's hard disk.  The images can then be viewed remotely from anywhere in the world via an internet connection.

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