CSR Policy

Our CSR Policy is embedded in everything we do and with everyone we deal with. 
It’s about doing the right thing – by our employees, suppliers, customers, local community and the environment. We believe that people want to buy from and deal with businesses they respect and see CSR as a continuing process of building long-term value.
All have a voice and are listened too; everyone’s opinions and contributions are important to the company and all staff members are valued.
We carefully select who we choose - and the way we deal with them. They must have an ethos and environmental policy a which is monitored and evaluated.
Like suppliers we consider how our customer conduct themselves. We encourage and advise best practice in CSR and Environmental issues. We treat all clients as we would like to be treated ourselves.
Local Community and the Environment
CPW Computing monitors how its business affects the local and wider community and whether (and when) we should be actively involved in activities in our area.
We are aware of how what we do affects the environment - and what we can do to reduce pollution and waste i.e. rather than recycle we endorse prolonging the working life of IT equipment wherever possible. When recycling is the only option available, we dispose client’s redundant equipment in conjunction with WEEE Directives.
Our CSR Policy is totally in line with our Environmental Policy and specifically aims to promote best practice, provide a caring and responsible attitude whereby everyone we are in association with, are inspired to work alongside us.