Digital Signage


A+K PADS (Public Area Display System) provides solutions to welcome, inform, advertise and entertain. A+K PADS software and hardware is easily installed, simple to use and highly versatile.

Incorporate virtually any type of multimedia content, including scrolling text, video, live news feeds or real-time data, into a visually appealing display on one or more screens.

Considered the world's most flexible and technically advanced digital signage system, A+K PADS Professional is nevertheless easy to install and requires only basic PC skills to create multi-monitor presentations.

A+K PADS Professional software is not just another digital signage product. It's a bundle of applications suitable to drive your smallest digital signage installation of one single screen to your largest, mission critical installations with thousands of screens.

A+K PADS Professional enables you to design, schedule and distribute any type of content and have it displayed where and whenever you want. The unequalled database connectivity features make it possible even for inexperienced users to include real-time data from any data source in your content with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Again and again people having seen many products categorically say that it's the easiest-to-use, most flexible and powerful solution for digital signage.

Supports all industry-standard picture and video file formats and lets you add sound, TV, scrolling text, tables, web pages and many more elements.

Gives you the freedom to schedule content for a single display or a whole group, for one-time presentation or to be repeated hourly, weekly, daily or yearly, using drag-and-drop schedule editing.

Automatically collects and distributes your scheduled presentations and content files, via any type of network infrastructure with full support for wireless communication.

Displays presentations on any type of display, automatically caching files to enable offline working if there is a network failure.