Environmental Policy


We Endeavour to reduce the environmental impact of our activities by ensuring that we comply with environmental legislation and related environmental requirements. Furthermore, we are committed to preventing pollution and in co-operation third party suppliers we will continually seek means to improve our environmental performance.


Our environmental policy should integrate totally with everything that we do including:

1)      Cost savings from energy efficiency.

2)      Refined and improved customer service.

3)      Reducing our usage of all materials and incorporating re-cycled paper and other materials wherever possible.

4)      Complying and exceeding our legal obligations under the WEEE directive and other legislation. (Waste Carriers and Brokers Public Register for England - Registration number CBDU119896)

5)      Recommending and promoting energy efficient products to our customers.

6)      Reducing pollution and harmful emissions wherever possible.

7)      Involvement and training of all staff in the refinement and implementation of this policy.

8)      To build a local network of relationships with our local community of mutual benefit.

9)      To build an understanding of all socially responsible policies involving all aspects of our business.


CPW Computing will work to quantify and measure the outcome of all our initiatives, however hard.  Only in this way can we prove our policy is beneficial and sustainable.