Green PC's

When you consider that the average home in the UK has 5 pc’s and that a million pc’s are sold each and every day, the associated energy consumption (and bills!) are staggering.  Both for the environment and our respective bank balances. 

The good news is that this situation can be changed very quickly and easily.

If the likes of our “green” pc’s are utilised instead of standard pc’s, energy consumption decreases from 85w to 35w per system (without monitor) or 50w as opposed to 120w (with monitor).  Good for the environment - and your wallet!

Green pc’s don’t compromise on performance!  In fact quite the reverse as system components includes Intel’s new Core i3, i5 or i7 processors, DDR3 RAM, Hard Drives with Intellipower technology and motherboards with power management products which only use energy when the pc is physically being used – robust, upgradeable, immediate!

Performance and energy consumption isn’t the end of the story either.  All components used are best of breed with minimum three year warranties – and the Kingston RAM used, has a lifetime warranty.

Speed. Power. Performance. Energy efficiency…and all at a price which doesn’t (literally) cost the earth…