IT Audit

It’s absolutely essential (and it saves hours of work later!) to keep a clear view of the IT systems that are connected to your network and how they’re being used. Even small changes to what is connected, and where – can have a big impact on overall performance.

We take a unique approach to conducting IT audits – it’s been developed to ensure that your IT system delivers the benefits and service you need to run your business.

We start with detailed discussions to make sure we fully understand what you have, what you’re trying to achieve and where you feel your current arrangements are falling short. Only then will we be able to recommend changes that deliver real business benefits.

To get to the bottom of any performance or reliability problems, we look at every IT system and every part of your data network. (This allows us to identify areas of where the infrastructure on which you depend is at risk. Components may be operating close to their limits, for example.)


We’ll also look at how ‘green technology’ could help your organisation reduce its energy bills and carbon foot print.

At every stage, the recommendations we make will be fully costed and recommended to deliver a quick return on investment.

Our collaborative approach means you get results you can trust – results that will make a real difference to your business.