Microsoft & Novell Networks

Dedicated Novell, Microsoft & SuSE Linux support - Essex


Microsoft are by far and away the market leading provider of business level network operating systems and related packages. Worldwide, more small to medium-sized business networks are run on the Windows 2008/2012 Server platforms than all other brands put together. Advantages include a huge range of popular networking and desktop products, along with availability of technical expertise. Disadvantages include being prone to malicious attack. For example, the vast majority of viruses are written specifically to attack Microsoft products.



Novell Netware was the first widely used PC networking platform back in the early 1980's. Netware has since evolved and now, along with many other Novell products such as GroupWise and BorderManager, it is often found at the core of many larger well-known corporations IT systems. However Novell's range of products is also available for smaller companies. Advantages include a second-to-none security and reliability record. The main disadvantage being a general misconception that Novell are from the past and in decline, which fortunately is not the case.