Our Green Aim

The IT industry isn’t top of the list of those with sound green credentials. But we take our duty of care for the environment very seriously. We’ve won a string of awards for our efforts.

So, we’re doing everything we can, from reducing energy consumption to cutting down on waste going to landfill. We’re tireless in encouraging and supporting our customers to do the same!

We always look for low-energy options when we source new products. We try to work electronically, reducing paper and print and recycling whatever we have to use.


But that’s just the start.

Electronic equipment uses materials and resources that are scarce and can damage the environment if not disposed of properly.

So we always try and give old equipment a new lease of life – in a school or charity, home or abroad, for example. And where that’s not possible, we’ll always recycle or find the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of unwanted items.