Recycling and Disposal

When the time comes for computers and other electronic equipment to be ‘retired’, we can make it easy for you.

First of all, in line with our “green policy” and hopefully your CSR policy,  we’ll try to find new “life” for it – in a charity, for example. If that’s not possible, then we’ll arrange recycling or environmentally-friendly disposal.

In line with WEEE – the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations – we operate a registered ‘take back’ scheme.

We normally charge on a per item basis and you can recycle as much – or as little – as you want. Typically, the cost is £5 for standard PC’s and Servers (associated components – speakers, keyboards and mice, for example – are included within that), laptops, monitors and so on. £10 is charged for larger items like A3 and A2 printers for example.  We are currently running a special offer and are not charging for this service.


For devices that store data - computers, disc drives and memory sticks, for instance – we follow special procedures to ensure they are completely wiped and files deleted. (Simply deleting files or formatting the hard drive is not enough.) There is a small charge of £10 per drive, volume pricing is available.

Any device that fails data wiping, cannot be accessed or is found to be faulty is removed, physically destroyed and sent to a licensed metal refiners for recycling. We are happy to quote for this service.


 Greener Future

What happens to your old equipment?

  • 95% of equipment is refurbished and reused

  • the remaining 5% is sent to reclamation experts who recover precious metals and other materials

  • less than 0.1% goes to landfill