Suffolk Carbon Charter

CPW Computing, have become the third company in Suffolk to receive the Suffolk Carbon Charter at Gold level.

The Charter provides businesses with recognition for the work they are doing to reduce their energy consumption. This enables businesses with genuine green credentials to share their achievements with their customers, staff and suppliers.

Following an independent audit, CPW were awarded the Gold Charter, which shows that they are acting as environmental ambassadors, influencing their customers, supply chain or the wider community, in addition to having made significant reductions in their own carbon footprint.  This accreditation lasts for one year.


The Gold Charter was awarded to CPW in recognition of their remarkable commitment to the environment across the board. This ranges from making energy use a responsibility for all employees (and discussing it on a weekly basis) to the promotion of greener ICT to clients, and the development of a PC that uses a third of the energy.

Cllr. Judy Terry, Suffolk County Council’s Portfolio Holder for GreenestCounty, welcomed the new Charter as a valuable support for local businesses, saying: "I congratulate CPW and all their staff on their achievement in reaching Gold.  The challenge of Climate Change is something that we all need to take into account – whether we’re at home or at work.  This Charter will allow businesses to show their customers and staff that they are playing their part in creating the GreenestCounty whilst also making savings.

“Unlike many available environmental charters, this scheme is aimed primarily at small businesses, and its requirements reflect the business’ size and current circumstances.  This means that Carbon Charter accreditation is a realistic goal for any Suffolk business”.

The Charter was developed by Groundwork on behalf of the Environment Agency and Suffolk County Council, as part of the innovative ANSWER project.  ANSWER is developing new solutions to the obstacles blocking a move to a sustainability in Suffolk (