Telephone Systems

Global competition is challenging manufacturers to accelerate their design and production cycles, manage extended supply and distribution chains more efficiently, and adapt more quickly in response to market fluctuations—all while increasing operational efficiency and reducing total costs. A Mitel advanced communications solution can deliver value across all these requirements, and more.
Multiple facilities and sites can be networked directly to reduce costs and simplify communications, enabling employees to access information, applications and communications tools anytime, anywhere, and instantly connect with suppliers and customers—in one-to-one meetings or in group audio- or videoconferences—to keep schedules on track. Mitel also provides solutions to help you automate common processes and communications to improve efficiency, enhance customer service and reduce your overall operational costs.
Key Features & Benefits
  • Anywhere/Anytime Information and Communications: With Mitel wireless solutions and industrial-grade devices, data, applications and communications tools are always accessible.
  • Faster, More Coordinated Responses: Teams can converge instantly via voice- and videoconferencing to resolve issues and stay synchronized.
  • Better Access to Information: Critical information can be screen-popped to purchasing, sales and support teams, so they can make more informed decisions and provide personalized service.
  • Increased Efficiency, Lower Costs: More efficient call routing and automated services (information access, ordering, etc.) improve efficiency while reducing staffing requirements.
  • Increased Communications Oversight: Real-time and historical reporting tools empower administrators to monitor performance and drive continual improvement.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: Mitel has extensive experience optimizing communications for manufacturers, and provides complete support, from initial system assessment and design, to implementation and ongoing management