WEEE Information

The Waste and Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2006 implement one of a suite of environmentally friendly European Directives.

Their Aim is to make producers, distributors and business users of electrical and electronic equipment (“EEE”) assume greater responsibility for the disposal or recycling of waste EEE.

One of CPW Computing’s responsibilities as a Producer of EEE (i.e. as a manufacturer of bespoke p.c.’s and file servers) is to have joined a “producer compliance scheme” and to ensure that all EEE is correctly labeled.

In order to continue to be a responsible manufacturer, CPW Computing offer a “take back” scheme to clients (e.g. if we sell you a new p.c. or monitor, we will take back your old p.c. or monitor and ensure that this is disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly manner) – or give you any relevant information required about recycling or disposal in order to observe best practice.

CPW Computing’s producer compliance scheme number is  WEE/ED0175TQ